What’s Required

The first phase of the Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance requires annual benchmarking and reporting of buildings’ energy and water use using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Building owners who are not currently tracking whole-building data in ENERGY STAR undertake a multi-step process to benchmark and disclose energy and water consumption:

  • Obtain whole building data from LADWP and SoCalGas portals
  • Set up an account in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and enter your data
  • Obtain a score in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Submit your report to the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
  • Refer to one of our step-by-step guides to get your building in compliance

Compliance Schedule for Benchmarking

What’s Next?

Beginning in 2019, privately owned buildings more than 20,000 square feet in the City of Los Angeles must:

Last Digit AIN First Compliance Deadline Subsequent Deadline
0 January-June 2019 Every five years
1 July-December 2019 Every five years
2 January-June 2020 Every five years
3 July-December 2020 Every five years
4 January-June 2021 Every five years
5 July-December 2021 Every five years
6 January-June 2022 Every five years
7 July-December 2022 Every five years
8 January-June 2023 Every five years
9 July-December 2023 Every five years

Energy audits and retro-commissioning are not required for buildings that are new and have been occupied for less than five years from their first due date, based on the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Occupancy.