Deadlines & Penalties

Due to COVID-19, certain compliance deadlines are suspended until further notice. 

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The Ordinance includes both building benchmarking and performance requirements, which are being phased in over time. 

Owners of covered buildings must submit annual benchmarking reports following the schedule below.

Benchmarking Deadlines for Privately Owned Buildings

100,000+ December 1, 2017 June 1 thereafter
50,000+ June 1, 2018 June 1 thereafter
20,000+ June 1, 2019 June 1 thereafter

Buildings owned by the City of Los Angeles that are 7,500 square feet gross floor area or more must submit benchmarking reports annually no later than June 1.

The Ordinance also requires Audit and Retro-Commissioning Reports to be submitted once every five years (unless the building meets one of the exemptions defined in the Ordinance) following the schedule below.

Performance Phase Deadlines

Last Digit AIN First Compliance Deadline* Subsequent Deadline
0 January-June 2021 Every five years
1 July-December 2021 Every five years
2 January-June 2022 Every five years
3 July-December 2022 Every five years
4 January-June 2023 Every five years
5 July-December 2023 Every five years
6 January-June 2024 Every five years
7 July-December 2024 Every five years
8 January-June 2025 Every five years
9 July-December 2025 Every five years

Privately owned buildings that are covered by the Ordinance, and buildings owned by the City of Los Angeles that are 15,000 square feet gross floor area or more, are subject to this requirement.  

*These dates reflect current deadlines, adjusted by City Council (view file here).

Consequences of Noncompliance