How To Comply

First Year Benchmarking? 

If your building is 50,000 SF or greater and your first benchmarking deadline is June 1, 2018, refer to the compliance overview below and the Benchmarking Guide.

Second Year Benchmarking? 

If your building is 100,000 SF or greater and June 1, 2018 is your second year of reporting, please refer to the Year Two Primer to navigate the compliance overview below and Benchmarking Guide.

Compliance Overview 

Below is an overview of the full compliance process with links to the relevant sections of the Guide:

  • Register your Building with LADBS by completing Section 1.
  • Create a Portfolio Manager Account by completing Section 2. If you already have an account, skip to Section 3.
  • Create or update your Property Profile by completing Section 3.
  • If tenants are not directly billed by the utilities (i.e. the building is master metered), upload prior calendar year’s whole-building data to your Property Profile by completing Section 3B.
    • Do not request data from the utilities if your building is master metered.  Instead, you can simply upload the data to your Property Profile by following the steps in Section 3B, and submit your Benchmarking Report to LADBS (see Section 6). 


  • If tenants are billed directly for electricity, water, or natural gas, request LADWP and/or SoCalGas to upload the prior calendar year’s aggregated data by completing Sections 4 and Section 5.
    • Only request aggregated data from the utilities if tenants are billed directly for electricity, water, or natural gas. Follow the steps outlined in Sections 4 and/or 5 to request LADWP and/or SoCalGas to upload the aggregated data to Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM).
  • Submit your Benchmarking Report to LADBS by completing Section 6.

To comply with the Los Angeles Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance, please complete the steps above and submit your report on or before June 1, 2018 (buildings >50,000 GSF). 

Please note that if you do not already have whole-building electricity, gas, and water data, it is recommended that you complete the data request process by March 1st to allow sufficient time for data upload and review.

Starting in 2020, the Ordinance also requires covered buildings to achieve certain efficiency targets or perform audits and retro-commissioning on a 5-year cycle determined by the property’s AIN - learn more here.


Contact the LA Department of Building and Safety with questions related to your Building ID, notification letters, deadlines, registration (including revising contact information), payment of fees/fines, and non‐compliance notices.

Contact LA Energy and Water Efficiency Resource Center for questions on benchmarking.

Contact LADWP with questions regarding status of electricity and water data requests, or issues with electricity or water data provided.

Contact SoCalGas with questions regarding status of gas data requests, or issues with gas data provided.