Benchmarking Resources


  • Privately owned buildings that are 20,000 square feet or more and located in the City of Los Angeles
  • Buildings owned by the City of Los Angeles that are 7,500 square feet or more 

Covered buildings must benchmark and report annually - view current reporting deadline here. 

Exempted Buildings

  • Single-family homes, duplexes, residential hotels, sound stages, and other TV and film production facilities
  • Hospitals Regulated by OSHPD
  • Owned by the State or Federal Government 
  • Vacant for entire year, with no Certificate of Occupancy
  • Vacant for entire year due to renovation 
  • Demolition permit issued
  • No energy or water service for entire yea

Benchmarking Service Provider Directory

Our service provider directory connects you with local, vetted 3rd party vendors to assist you in benchmarking and reporting your building in compliance with the Ordinance. 

The Resource Center has conducted a Request for Qualifications, confirmed licensure, and checked references to ensure that firms listed in the directory have met the following criteria:  

Service Provider Qualification Criteria
Register as a Service Provider Partner with EPA
For the Benchmarking directory, firms must have provided benchmarking services to at least 10 buildings in Los Angeles (see list of covered zip codes here)

To assist you in contracting with 3rd party benchmarking vendors, please find an example RFP here. 

Service Provider Applications
The application window for the Benchmarking Service Provider Directory is closed

The LA Energy and Water Efficiency Resource Center/LABBC does not endorse any firm on the directory and does not assume any liability in connection with the use of the service provider directory.  



Summary statistics and compliance status by property address have been published by the LA Department of Building and Safety. See Section 91.9705.4. for more information on publication of limited summary data.